Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SIA Organization remembers Michele Tresler Ulriksen, Author of Reform at Victory

Jodi Hobbs, the President of SIA Organization, credits Michele’s book and dogged pursuit of Palmer’s whereabouts for inspiring her to create SIA Organization.

“The Survivor’s of Institutional Abuse would not be here without Michele.” Jodi says, “Michele inspired others to speak out and share their own testimony of what happened to them. She was an advocate of getting the laws changed and spoke out at numerous events against abuse. Her tireless efforts changed many lives and gave others the strength and courage to come forward. SIA Organization’s first convention will be dedicated in her honor for her commitment and tireless efforts in getting the word out and speaking against institutional abuse.” 

We will always remember, forever friends Thank you Michele for all of your effort courage and dedication. You mean so much to so many. Much love always. 

Please read full article about Michele Tresler written by Dwayne Walker. 

SIA Organization remembers Michele Tresler Ulriksen, author of Reform at Victory.

Reform at Victory

Condolences are being left on her Facebook profile.!/profile.php?id=1701387565

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