Share Your Story

This Blog is dedicated to Girls of Victory Christian Academy who would like to share their experience. You can post your experience if you are a member of this blog. Only members are allowed to post. It is important to have a place for VCA girls to be able to have a voice. I want us to be able to come together as a collective voice as the Girls of Victory Christian Academy.

Your statement should include:
Your name
The time you attended Victory
Statement giving this blog permission to use your post.
Please email it to and I will post it.
I look forward to reading all your posts. Thanks Ladies for sharing. I know it is hard to remember and then to share. Whatever your story is, it needs to be told. We need to come together and share or experience. I really appreciate you taking the time and sharing your story.

The statements on this blog reflect the real experiences of  former Victory Christian Academy girls. They are true statements based on personal first hand knowledge of life inside the Victory Christian Academy. The school has changed its name and is now known as Lighthouse Christian Academy.

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