Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First of Many....

 We planned this get together about a week before we actually met. Meeting for Brunch at a nice restaurant near the water in Mission Viejo. Kelli was coming into town so she (thankfully) started the ball rolling for all of us to get together. As the time got closer I don't mind saying that I was a little... no a lot nervous. Not really about seeing the ladies, but more about bringing up old feelings and my own insecure nature. I had put on a "few" pounds and you know I don't look like I looked at 18.

As I was driving to the restaurant I was shaking, not really sure why but I guess it was those little butterflies swimming around in my stomach. I had to have a conversation with myself in the car to calm down. Your going to be okay, it will be fun, don't worry everything will be great.  Finally, arrived at the restaurant pulled in and I go into the wrong place. Man... so I thought maybe I missed it. I called Shannon and she got me to the right place.

As soon as I saw Shannon my scary feelings all went away. We hugged it was wonderful to see her after all these years. She guided me to the table and as soon as I saw everyone I can't express to you the emotions I had. I think they all came up at once! We all hugged it was brilliant! When I hugged Michelle I began crying. Anyone who knows me knows I am not someone who sheds tears at the drop of a hat. We hugged and cried for a long time. I think I made all the other ladies tear up a bit. Sorry Ladies!
We laughed, we cried, we talked about our lives during victory and our lives after victory. We shared intimate details about each other because we felt so close. The bond was so strong. As you can imagine we stayed at the restaurant until 6pm and just shared our lives with each other.

Victory brought us all together in a way that is so hard to put into words. We gave each other strength when we were together at Victory and when we left Victory we didn't have each other. I don't mind saying that my life was broken and seeing these girls and listening to there lives helped me to heal a little bit inside. Victory left deep scars for many of us. Trying to put into words and express my thoughts is a bit tough. I don't event know how to express my deepest truest love for these ladies. My heart weeps. I am so proud to know them and be a part of their lives.

I also thought of those who weren't there and those we still haven't located yet. We talked much about friends we remembered and wondered how they were. We also shared updates on those we are in contact with.

When I got home my mind was spinning in a million different directions-- I felt a bit out of sorts, completely exhausted. I got the kids and hubby all taken care of and went and crawled into bed at 8pm. A bit overwhelmed with the events of the meeting and all of the emotions that go along with that. Trying to wrap my head around all that had been expressed and the powerful stories that were told. It was something that I will never forget. I wish I could express my feelings but the feelings are so powerful and overwhelming for me.

This meeting made me more determined than ever to get the reunion planned out and get all of the girls of Victory together so they can express there thoughts and share their stories. reunite with old friends and make new friends. We all share that common thread of Victory and we will always be tied together in a way others will never understand.

I am putting a non-profit organization together to help gather the funds to be able to put on a great reunion. My goal is for sometime late in August 2010. Many have come and helped me get the ball rolling. We all have so many amazing talents, thank you all for your input and hard work.

The reunion will be held in San Diego. The plan for the Reunion is to have a fun night and then have a day filled with speakers, forums, and time to just connect and share. It will be a weekend filled with emotions and healing. As we get closer to the time I will share more information on what is planned and any other information that is important to the Reunion. Please send me an email if you have any other ideas.

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