Friday, March 5, 2010

Respect, Reunite, Remember

I have created this blog for the Girls of Victory Christian Academy who attended either the school in Ramona, San Diego or Jay, Florida.
I wanted a place for all of us to come together and be able to share our experience.

Respect= I want this to be a place of Respect for all the girls so it is important that we all respect each others feelings and our own personal experience at Victory.

Reunite= Eventually, it would be great to get together and have a reunion. I am working towards this goal.

Remember=Finally this is a place to remember and share our experiences.

Only those who are a member of this blog can post comments or share their experience, I feel this is our site and it needs to be meant only for the Girls of Victory Christian Academy to come together and have a voice
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Magsster said...

This is so cool Jodi, thank you for your time and caring about the feelings that still linger on to this day